Mike Childress

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Pen & Ink and Pencil Drawings

Commissioned Work

Here are a couple of examples
of my commissioned work:

The drawing at left reflects the pencil draft I completed, prior to inking the final version.  The card on the right is the final, inked version.  When I presented the client with a draft of the pencil drawing (left) of their five sporting dogs, she preferred that the Lab in the center of the art piece be facing so its ears would show differently.  

Thus, the final inking (right) was modified to comply with her request. She surprised her husband with the final inking (11"X14") and a set of matching note cards as a Christmas gift and told me it was one of his favorite Christmas presents ever!

Prices for my Artwork
Prices vary based on the size and complexity of the subject matter.  For reference, the pen and ink art I provide to the Texas Big Game Awards is produced on Strathmore's Bristol, 100 lb., acid free, vellum paper.  When framed, this artwork generally sells at a price between $2500 and $4000 at the Texas Big Game Awards grand auction conducted in San Antonio, Texas each year.  Pencil art of the same subject is generally 1/2 of this price range.

Custom Art and Matching Cards
I enjoy doing commissions for clients since they get so much pleasure out seeing their "pets" come to life.  Oftentimes, someone will request that a favorite dog or a particularly high scoring buck be immortalized in the form of a greeting card that describes their ranch and/or business in a very personal manner.

Custom Commercial Notecards
The following notecard was requested by the Triple JJJ Ranch in Somerville, Texas.  They wanted a convenient method of getting their superior genetic breeder buck "Problem Child" into their client's view ("Problem Child" scored an impressive 251" on the SCI as of the summer of 2007).

When I arrived at the Triple JJJ Ranch to see Problem Child, I was amazed at the operation. There were several hundred breeder bucks at the ranch but Problem Child truly was a standout.  The foreman and his wife were very helpful and expressed an interest in having some note cards produced with an inking of the buck on the front of the card.  They intended to use the cards to correspond with their clients and friends.

The ranch hosted a crawfish boil for their friends and neighbors the night I arrived and I thoroughly enjoyed the event.  The following morning, one of the staff members took me fishing on one of the 34 lakes that are located on the ranch and we caught a very nice string of bass.  What fun!